Dr. Owen Wu


Dr. Owen Wu is the founder & President of DNT International based in Torrance, California. DNT International operates in  two divisions. One focuses on international business incubation/development, IP & technology licensing, strategic partnership development and merger/acquisition in the high-tech industries. The other division focuses on applying technology for human health including developing and marketing of water ionizer, meridian energy analysis devices and infrared thermalgraphy for early detection and preventative healthcare industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry,  Dr. Wu is  a specialist in Nano surface chemistry and physics, semiconductor materials, components and microelectronics for consumer and defense applications.

In 1997, he founded American Communication Technology (ACT) and served as  the CEO for two years before the ACT was l acquired by Global Communication Semiconductors (GCS) in 1998. Dr. Wu was then appointed as CEO/President of Global Communication Semiconductors (GCS) from 1998-2003., he successfully raised $70 million for the GCS and set the corporate vision, strategy, assembled the technical, management team and board directors, and provided leadership and direction for the company. GCS is now the leading compound semiconductor pure-play foundry for wireless and fiber optical communication industries,  providing chips for Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, JDSU, Anadigics, Hittite Microwave and Sirenza Microdevices in the microwave and telecommunication industry.

In 2005, Dr. Wu led a group of private investors to acquire a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California with a multi-year licensing and supply agreement. In 2006, he reorganized the business and management team for  USTI. Within 6 months, the company was able to increase the productivity by more than50% and turn the operation from a loss to profits. Previously, he served as the program director and principal scientist of infrared optoelectronics at Hughes Research Laboratory of Hughes Aircraft Company from 1985-1997. There, he led a team to develop several crucial infrared technologies and transitioned them to production for IR thermal imaging applications . His team won multiple contracts valued over $100M from Department of Defense, and received the prestigious National Herschel Award in 1995.

Dr. Wu holds eight key patents and has published over 80 papers. He was twice awarded the Electro-Optic Sensors & Technology Network Council Award in recognition of truly significant and innovative contribution at Hughes. He also worked at Gould Research Center from 1979-1985 as department manager, where he was responsible for Surface Material Science Center to develop new materials and devices and to improve yield for all Gould divisions.

He is the founding chairman of Southern California Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (www.scmj.org) and is currently serving as Vice Chairman of Global Monte Jade (www.mjglobal.org) with 13 chapters. He is the chairman of SCMJ foundation to promote entrepreneurship and mentorship program and on the board of three private companies. He is a senior advisor for Tienjing, China high-tech park. Previously he also served as chairman of deacon board at Chinese for Christ Church in Chicago, IL and Thousand Oaks, CA. Dr. Wu received his BS degree in Chemistry from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan and MS and Ph.D degrees in Surface Chemistry at the University of Illinois. He did his postdoctoral research at Argonne National Laboratory. In addition, he completed the executive management program at Stanford University. He has been invited to numerous international conferences as keynote speaker including Milken Global Conference for international business trends in 2005.