PacRim Engineering “Riding” Expo 2 Design-Build Project

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, February 3, 2011 – The Los Angeles Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority awarded the Skanska/PB design-build Team the Stage A phase of the Exposition Light Rail Transit Project – Phase 2 project, which extends the Mid-City/Exposition Light Rail Transit Project from Culver City to City of Santa Monica. As part of the Skanska/PB design-build Team, PacRim Engineering is responsible to provide structural engineering design services for 4 bridges: the Motor Ave Bridge Replacement, the Olympic Blvd Bridge, the Cloverfield Blvd Bridge, and the Centinela Ave Bridge; several miles of retaining walls; and a parking structure.

About the Project: In early 2007, the Exposition Construction Authority began the Phase 2 study to extend Phase 1 of the Expo Line from the current planned terminus at Venice/Robertson in Culver City to Santa Monica.

Phase 1 of the line will travel from Downtown Los Angeles to Culver City, and Phase 2 will extend the line out to Santa Monica. Service on Phase 1 is expected to begin in 2011, with service to the Venice/Robertson station in 2012, and the complete line to Santa Monica opening in 2015. Estimated costs for the project are $930 million for Phase 1 and $1.5 billion for Phase 2. By 2030, an estimated 64,000 passengers are expected to ride the Expo Line each day – which would make it one of the most heavily used light rail lines in the country.

The Expo Line has been designed with a central aesthetic theme: To weave a multi-modal transit parkway through an urban fabric to unite communities, integrate neighborhoods and create a source of civic pride. Designs for the Expo Line seamlessly integrate light rail, bikeway facilities and pedestrian linkages in a safe, balanced and cohesive setting. Through landscaping, canopy design and public art, Expo Line stations are designed to provide an engaging environment with a sense of place.

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