I-710 Freight Corridor Utility Study North, Los Angeles

The Interstate 710 (I-710) Freight Corridor study area extends from Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach to SR-60 in East Los Angeles, a distance of approximately 18 miles. The 710 FC is a multi-lane freight corridor mostly on elevated structures and it would span over multiple freeways, local streets, a number of railroads, tracks, and rail yards, and the LA River levees.

The Utility Study North Project involves the development of the Utility Study and Structure Advance Planning Studies (APS) for the proposed freight corridor structures of the North segment from north of Los Angeles River to SR-60 Washington Blvd. PacRim as a subconsultant to HDR is currently performing the structural study aspect of the Project. The structural study considers the established uniform basis for developing the conceptual design and preparing the Bridge Advance Planning Study (APS) for the three segments, the unique loading conditions for a structure designed to be used exclusively by large trucks and commercial vehicles, the utilizing effect of zero-emission trucks and automation on the FC structure and other typical structural APS considerations.