B47 Fisher House II Fire Code Compliance, Naval Medical Center San Diego, CA

Fischer HouseThe Fisher House II is an eleven room “home-away-from-home” for the families of seriously ill or injured patients receiving treatment at nearby San Diego Naval Medical Center. The current structure doesn’t provide a second means of egress and therefore the second floor of the Fisher House cannot be utilized for over-night stays. Therefore the current facility is underutilized with only six of the possible eleven rooms are currently being fully employed. The scope of this project is to add an additional second stairway to the building so that it is brought up to current code and the additional rooms can be used for overnight habitation and providing fire alarm strobes in the bed rooms and fire sprinkler system over the air condition units.

The current structure is an approximately 9500 square foot neo-Mediterranean building, with a stucco exterior, clay tile roof and symmetrical north elevation. Interior construction is typical gypsum board over stud partitions, moldings appear throughout.   The primary importance to the Fisher House is to have the new staircase to blend seamlessly with the current structure and minimize the loss of current use.

We responded in Design, Fabricate, and Construct the stair case following the various codes and standards – In accordance with Executive Order 13423, NAVFAC Engineering & Construction Bulletin (EBC) 2008-01 and other pertinent directives, integrate sustainable principles into the design, development and construction of the project.  We reduce the total cost of ownership of the facility using a whole building, life-cycle approach.   We provided site analysis, evaluated the existing site conditions, assessed site development, and engineering systems requirements.   Our project involved evaluation of foundation, basement construction, superstructure, exterior enclosure, exterior windows, stairs, handrails, guardrails and accessories, fire escape stairs, exterior doors, roofing and its covering, wind uplight and fire resistance requirements, roof specification and detailing.