Buildings Nos. 00464 and 00466 Reconstruction, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, CA

Bldg 464 466This is a design-build contract to repair buildings 00464 and 00466 in China Lake, Ca. converting them into office occupancies which meet the current codes and design standards.  Each building has a gross area of about 3,480sf with a footprint size of 116ft by 30ft.  The Government occupants provide and install modular furniture, communication & internet wiring after Contract completion.

As a Designer of Record for the Macro-Z-Technology Design/Build Team, PacRim Engineering provided the complete A/E services for the project, including the architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design services.

The scope of work for the contract for these of two naval facility buildings includes removing existing asbestos containing materials (VAT floor tile, ceiling & wall finishes, and steam/condensate pipe insulation), and existing lead paint containing materials; demolishing building interior leaving just the structural frames and roof; providing complete architectural design based on the new office layout provided by the Government which consisted of ADA restrooms, accessible drinking fountain, coffee mess room, utility room for communication backboard, NMCI, power, copier and printer, mechanical room, and new offices.

The site civil design included accessible concrete landings at each entry/exit doors of the buildings, and improvements associated with the replacement of pole mounted transformers with pad mounted transformers for both buildings, as well as new gas and water connections to service the buildings.