Firestone Blvd. over Coyote Creek Utility Crossing, La Mirada CA

utilitiesFirestone-150x150The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will construct a new frontage road on North Firestone Blvd. due to the proposed I-5 Widening Project.  The Caltrans project will include the construction of a new two-lane concrete slab bridge over the Coyote Creek Channel.  The bridge will consist of precast / pre-stressed (PC/PS) concrete slabs at spans 1 through 4, a cast-in-place concrete slab at span 4, on new abutments and piers.  A cast-in-place reinforced concrete overlay will be placed over the precast slabs.  Modified Caltrans Type 26 barriers will be constructed along each side of the bridge.  The approximate length of the bridge is 146 feet.

Suburban Water Systems is required to install a new pipe to cross the channel which will replace the existing pipe that conflicts with the future I-5 widening project.  In addition, Southern California Edison (SCE) will be required to relocate their existing lines onto this new bridge to avoid conflict with the proposed I-5 project.  The new pipe will be a 12-inch welded steel pipe CL&P.  The pipe will need to be secured to the north side of the new bridge.  The bottom of the pipe will need to be at or above the bottom elevation of the underside of the bridge.  Caltrans has indicated that the new barrier will be sufficient to carry the proposed load of the new steel pipe.  The design of the pipe and support structure should consider the future loads of four (4) SCE conduits on the same side of the bridge, although the design of these four conduits is by others.

PacRim is designing the new support brackets for the 12” steel water main.  The design includes a bracket to mount to the bridge, and a support arm welded to the bracket.  The bracket and support arm will be attached to the bridge slab, allowing sufficient space for the SCE conduits on the bridge barrier.  The steel pipe will be “strapped” to the bracket and support arm to secure against movement, particularly during a seismic event.  PacRim will provide all the structural calculations and plans, including pipe layout, support arm locations, and necessary details to mount the support arms to the new bridge.  PacRim will also provide coordination with Caltrans to ensure the support arm design arm design will meet Caltrans requirements.