Firestone Boulevard Bridge over San Gabriel River Rehabilitation

Firestone Blvd

PacRim Engineering staff completed HBP funding application and Metro Call for Project funding as local match for the Project in 2008. We are currently under way with the PA&ED phase of the project. During the programming phase of the project, we completed and finalized a Project Study Report Equivalent (PSRE) to determine the feasibility and alternatives of the project, and estimated the project cost to support the funding process.

Firestone Boulevard Bridge is located on Firestone Boulevard over the San Gabriel River at the adjoining city boundaries between Norwalk and Downey in the southeast portion of Los Angeles County. Firestone Boulevard is a six-lane major arterial that crosses over the San Gabriel River on a 334’-0” long cast in place bridge. The roadway has 3 lanes of traffic in each direction with a 2’-0” center median and 3’-6” sidewalk on each side (no shoulder). there existed a large traffic volume, but there are no shoulders, the lane widths are substandard and the wood barrier rails do not meet current safety codes. The bridge rehabilitation or replacement will implemented existing approach widths, thus eliminating bottlenecks and improving efficiency while accommodating future vehicle capacities in both directions. The project involved utilities and right-of-way. The total approved funding for this project is nearly $5 million and it is HBP funded.