LAX 2nd Level Roadway Expansion Joint and Deck Repair

The second deck of the Los Angeles Airport has experienced continuing deterioration. LAWA recently retained Atkins as its consulting engineer to investigate and prepare construction drawings for the rehabilitation of the expansion joint, hinge repair and deck repair of the Second Level roadway Deck of the airport. PacRim Engineering joined the Atkins team to provide structural engineering services.

The scope of work involves structural analysis of the roadway deck frames to determine the conditions of over 44 joints and determine the requirements of bearing pads replacements, expansion joint replacement. Due to the constant high volume of traffic, major efforts are placed to plan and stage the construction activities of the requirement joint repairs. The scope also includes the relay of the deteriorated deck surface in various stages.

All of the joint repair requires the installation of the temporary falsework to relieve the loads at the joints and removal of concrete and existing expansion seals and bearing pads. Preliminary analysis and design for the temporary falsework is performed to determine the appropriate vertical clearances and size of falsework beams, columns and foundation pads as part of the project.

PacRim Engineering will provide Structural Analysis; Preparation of Calculations; Plans Preparation; Independent Check Review; Preparation of Specifications; Quantity take-offs and Construction cost estimates; and Drafting of the Project under the directions of Atkins. The Project is on going.