Mid-City/Exposition Light Rail Transit – EXPO Phase 1


In this design/build project, PacRim Engineering served as the independent design checker for the C5 Venice/Robertson aerial structure. The Mid-City/Exposition LRT line extends approximately 8.6 miles from downtown Los Angeles to Culver City. The C5 Venice/Robertson Aerial Structure is one of the most complex segments of the line. The proposed aerial overcrossing structure consists of fourteen spans, each span ranging from approximately 93 to 167 feet long and supported by an abutment at the eastern end and fourteen bents. The proposed overcrossing consists of three segments: 1) Bents 2 through 6: the overcrossing is a superstructure supported by a single column, 2) Bents 7 through 11: the overcrossing is separated into two superstructures and each structure is supported by a single column, and 3) Bents 12 through 15: the overcrossing becomes a superstructure supported by two columns.