The Navy Band Facility Improvement – The US Nav, NAVFAC Southwest Div.

Navy Band

This project provides repairs to nearly 17,000 sf of existing Child Development Center Buildings 3320 and 3320A at the Naval Base San Diego to accommodate the Navy Band. The Scope of Work consists of repairs to deteriorated architectural, mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems. The project will also include the demolition of three existing buildings 3320-B, 3320-C and B-3435 in their entirety including all utilities, foundations, site play areas, curbs and fencing in the same complex and improvement of the vacated area to 50% new parking lot and 50% landscape with new irrigation, trees, shrubs and groundcovers. The total area of site demolition is approximately 60,200 square feet, and total area of site construction is approximately 81,000 sf.

The layout of the new parking lot is situated in the east portion of the site adjacent to the existing BEQ to allow overflow parking use for the BEQs, and the landscaped area is on the west portion of the vacated area of the site next to the renovated buildings. The site is on a relatively flat topography. Access to the site is facilitated by the driveway off Norman Scott Road. Conformance to ADA path of travel from the streets is readily achievable.  In addition, the storm water management related to the local Standards for Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plans (SUSMP) requires grading to be performed in compliance with post-site development requirements to treat storm water for pollutants by infiltration.  Increased parking for future tenants and BEQ is expected. There is minimal amount of pedestrian hardscape, site lighting or site amenities in the vacated Area.

PacRim Engineering’s scope for the project includes civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying, landscape and geotechnical support.  The civil design component of the project includes both rough and fine grading, drainage, and site development.