NBC Facilities in 43 and 62 Areas (N68711-01-D-6519, PTO X108), Camp Pendleton

NBC 43 62

The Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton recently entered into a design/build contract with the Macro-Z-Technology for the NBC Facilities. PacRim Engineering serviced as the Engineer for Approval for the project.

The scope of work for the project included the construction of two (2) nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) facilities at 62 and 43 areas.  The existing structure at the 62 Area site was first demolished to make way for the new building on site. The project involved grading work, concrete foundation, masonry walls, metal roof, doors, windows, mechanical ventilation system, lighting, electrical power connection and overhead electrical line extension to the site and incidental related work.

PacRim Engineering also reviewed the shop drawings submitted by the manufacturers and distributors, interpreted the design plans and design specifications, clarified the design discrepancies, communicated with the suppliers, and provided the direction to the suppliers in order to meet the special architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical requirements specified by either the Prescriptive Specifications or Latest industry codes. PacRim also provided the structural design calculation verification for conformance with applicable design building codes, as well as engineering services during the field concrete construction.