Queensway Bridges

The County of Los Angeles implemented a bridge seismic retrofit program funded by Caltrans. The Queensway Ramp K & J is part of the retrofit program, which was originally designed by County’s consultant ten years ago. The retrofit construction contract was recently awarded to A M Classic Construction Inc. PacRim Engineering was retained by the Contractor to work with the County to provide structural value engineering services for retrofitting these structures:  Queensway Southbound over Harbor Scenic Drive Northbound and Southbound (County Bridge No. 3062 – Ramp J) and Queensway Southbound over Harbor Scenic Drive Northbound (County Bridge No. 3465 – Ramp K.). Due to the high groundwater and liquefiable subsurface conditions, long 24” diameter CISS piles were designed for the foundation strengthening. The low overhead of pile driving makes the piling operation difficult. PacRim’s value engineering focuses on the pile footing reconfigurations and modification of piling driven methods. PacRim Engineering also provided the construction engineering services for the Contractor for the shop drawing preparations, excavation shoring design, and other construction related work items.