Ranger Lift Station No. 16, City of Huntington Beach CA

Ranger TrafficThe Ranger Lift Station is an existing sewer pump station located in the frontage road north of Adams Avenue, between Ranger Lane and Piccadilly Lane in Huntington Beach, CA.  The construction work included the abandonment and demolition of the existing sewer pump station, removal of existing electrical panels and conduit, pavement, and surface improvements, installation of new sanitary sewer lines, installation of new sewer lift station, installation of new dry pit submersible pumps, replacement of force main, asphalt paving and removal, restoration of existing public and private improvements, and related appurtenant work.   As needed through the construction of the project, PacRim staff assisted Sepulveda Construction with shoring designs designs, evaluation of pump designs, and miscellaneous materials and equipment procurement to name a few.