Ranger Sewer Lift Station and Sewer Line Replacement – Huntington Beach, CA

Ranger TrafficThe City of Huntington Beach proposed to replace the Ranger Sewer Lift Station and associated sewer pipelines on Adams Ave at Ranger Lane. The $1.5 million project consists of constructing a 20’ by 24’ by 18’ deep concrete box structure that houses two dry pit pumps and other sewer lift station apparatuses in addition to over 100 feet of sewer pipes lines in the vicinity of the station. PacRim Engineering worked with the City and the contractor in reviewing the sewer plans and developed the traffic control plan for the project.  Two west-bound lanes as well as the entire northerly frontage road on Adams Avenue were closed, including transition through the signalized intersection at Ranger Lane.  The Traffic Control plans utilized Manual on Uniform Traffic Control (MUTCO) design standards as well as the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH).