San Clemente Island Jet Fuel Storage Project, San Clemente Island CA

The Navy plans on replacing the aging underground JP-5 fuel tanks at San Clemente Island, CA.  The existing underground tanks are immediately adjacent to the rough coastline approximately 50 feet above sea level.  The erosion and deterioration of the island cliff walls is jeopardizing the structural stability of the underground tanks, with potential for catastrophic failure and environmental disaster.

The project will remove the existing tanks and construct four new above-ground storage tanks, including three 100,000 gallon JP5 fuel storage tanks, one 25,000 gallon defuel tank, truck fill stand including all required secondary containment, environmental requirements, pump house, peripheral paved roadway, pipe interconnections safety and fire protection systems, electrical and plumbing. The structural design analysis will be completed for the following seven components:


  • Pump House
  • Booster Pump House
  • Pump House/Control Room/Office Bldg
  • Secondary Containment Walls
  • Tank/Foundation Connections
  • Fuel pipe anchor details and Culverts
  • Pump and miscellaneous equipment anchorage details and foundations