Underground Backwash Tank located at 2534 E. Greenleaf Boulevard, City of Compton

PacRim’s Principal Engineer led the preliminary engineering design of the underground filter backwash water tank at the Well 9D facility located at 2534 Greenleaf Boulevard in the City of Compton. The tank must accommodate 26,000 gallons and must be enclosed within the confines of the site, which is approximately 30’ by 100’ overall. It is required that the tank has a setback of 5 feet from each property line. The tank must also be able to accommodate the weight of a 12-foot diameter, 24-foot long, horizontal mounted filter unit. The tank material is of cast-in-place concrete construction suited for the project.  The design considered hydrostatic pressures present behind the walls, and groundwater level, buoyancy loads and etc. The tank floor is a concrete slab on grade, and the roof is designed as a two-way concrete slab.